PV's Uncorked on Main


I really enjoy PV’s Uncorked on Main. For one, PV’s literally stands for exactly what I am about…PASTA and VINO. If I had a spirit animal or more like a pair of spirit animals they would be pasta and wine. That is how strongly I feel!

I ended up at PV’s the other night as part of a girl’s night adventure, which would be a total waste without a nice glass (or two) of wine. We went to the Vagina Monologue’s in Pocatello at the Elk’s Lodge. The Family Service Alliance puts an event together annually which is always hilarious, raunchy and moving. I love it. If you haven’t gone be sure to check it out next year!

It was a great night and it inspired me to share this location with ya’lls.

Things that I love about PV’s:


The atmosphere is something that is immediately noticeable at PV’s. When you walk in the décor is just lovely!

PVs settingElegant Setting at PVS


Food presentation is one of my favorite things about food blogging. Part of this blog experience has helped me to realize the effort that goes into plating. This antipasto looked so fantastic. Not to mention it tasted good too! I have also tried pizza and pasta at PV’s and have not been disappointed!

PVs close antipasto


I love my self some wine. Red, whites…I ain’t picky. I like em all! The last time I was at PV’s I had a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. If you like to try different wines check out one of the wine tastings that PV’s hosts monthly.

PVs Wine Rack

PV’s Uncorked on Main holds monthly wine tastings and other events.

PV's Uncorked on Main

My favorite picture from my PV’s adventure!

PVs antipasto

Thanks for reading, and happy eating!! 🙂