Diablas- fast food

A visit to Diablas Kitchen is about more than eating fantastic, hand-crafted food. It is an experience! I attended the Idaho Classics themed dinner a few weeks ago, and was so impressed. I have been a fan of Diablas for awhile now. I mainly go for delicious brunches on an ever-changing menu. The space is unique, a juxtaposition of things: Mix-matched chairs, vintage creamer pitchers, and salt shakers.

Diablas- vintage

Diablas- cute table setting

The atmosphere is comfortable and homey.  The owners and staff are so kind. At the Idaho Classics dinner I sat at the bar which is right next to where all the food is prepared. It was so great to watch them work!

  So, let’s get into what was served here.

First course:

Pork loin with honey bbq sauce and a potato cake

Diablas- Pork loin and potato cake

What really made this dish come together for me was the combo of the peppercorns and honey BBQ. It was a lovely pairing of sweetness and spice. The pork was seared perfectly and the potato cake had this delightful crispness to it.

Diablas- so much meat

Best seat in the house 😉

Second course:

Salmon cake with an arugula and asparagus salad with a citrus dressing

My pic didn’t work out, but trust me this was wonderful looking. Exercise your imagination, people! My favorite part of this dish was the tart citrus combined with the bitter greens. It tasted very fresh and light. A great spring meal.

Third course:

Puffed pastry sandwich with tri-tip and mushroomsDiablas- Puff pastry and tri tip sammi

This sandwich was so good! Two thumbs up for puff pastry. Pastries are kinda the best and that flaky goodness surrounding tender steak… Boy oh boy.

The best thing ever…DESSERT

Idaho chocolate lovers cheesecake with a huckleberry compoteDiablas- Chocolate Lover's cheesecake

This dish was pretty much a dream come true. You could offer me any of those ingredients and I would say “Um yah. I want that.” But ALL OF THEM!? Together!? What are you trying to do to me? This was so so so yummy. My favorite by far.

This dinner was so well done. I haven’t been to many of the themed dinners at Diablas, but after this I can’t wait to go back. If you haven’t been over there please do yourself a favor and get over there. It is easily one of the best places to eat in Idaho Falls. Also, make a reservation to one of the themed dinners. It is a fabulous time.

Here is a link to Diablas Kitchen Facebook page. That way you can keep up on those themed dinners and pairings!

Diablas Kitchen

Thank you so much for reading!