Explore utahOgden, Utah is basically my second home. I grew up there and I go back constantly to visit my sweet family.

Needless to say, I have a few favorite restaurants there and I am always interested on what new ones are opening up.

This last visit was to go see my lil brother. He is not so little because he just turned 23,  BUT HE WILL ALWAYS BE LITTLE TO ME! I went to see him and take him to  The Used show in Salt Lake City. The concert was fantastic. It was their 15 year anniversary,  and they played the entire In Love and Death album. Fan girling hard.

Anyways! It was Ogden Restaurant week while I was down there. So, got to take advantage of some gooood food.

Every time I go to Ogden I try to go to Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria. This place makes me so happy. I am not lying if I wasn’t livin the life up here in Idaho I would consider working there. The atmosphere is wonderful. They are right next to the river and they often have live music out on the patio. The staff is so kind and awesome. BUT let’s talk about the important shit. PIZZA. Slackwater has amazingly creative pizzas Tikka Masala, Thai, and my favorite California Sunrise, a chicken, bacon and avocado miracle. They offer a variety of different specialty beers and wines with many locally brewed options. Which adds!

My Buffalo Chicken Calzone and spring salad with thai coconut vinaigrette. Yup. All that.

Slackwater Calzone


A new place that I tried out on my visit CRAFT BURGER.

Craft burger sign

Craft Burger is a gourmet burger and spirits type joint. It is owned by the same people who own Warren’s another Ogden restaurant in my top 3. Craft Burger is pretty much the adult version of that place. I’m not kidding they do Lime Rickey’s there ( a staple of Warren’s) with vodka. Yesssssum. So, you are going to see a picture of the truly beautiful hamburger I consumed. It was really well cooked and just take a look at that bacon! The food was so great and the chips were delicious. The staff was really friendly.

Craft burger burger

The building was also delish 😉

Craft Burger

Exposed brick and the lighting was fantastic. I could live there. I might have tried to.

Craft burger lighting

Craft burger wall

My Ogden Recommends:

SLACKWATER– Do it. Go there.

Check out 25th street– The hotbed of local restaurants is located on 25th street in Ogden and around their old town area. Craft Burger is there!