This post is dedicated to my lovely girls’ weekend in Utah. We went down to the Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City. PREFACE- I am not the yogi type. I am the lazy type that likes to do as much restorative yoga as possible. Which is basically the closest thing I can get to napping and still claiming it is exercise. The yoga festival was awesome though, and I am so glad that my lack of yoga skills didn’t keep me from going. The festival was a three day event, and it included yoga classes, speakers, music, and merchants.


My favorite instructor was Becca Pati. If you are into yoga at all check out her YouTube channel ( She did a really nice vinyasa- type flow for her Unfuck Yourself class on Saturday with a modern playlist and some inspiration from her. It was the first time I’ve done yoga quite like that, and it was badass! We went to her class on Sunday too. Couldn’t get enough! This is the day I also did some the strangest yoga of my life, which will forever bond me with my friends I went with.

We went to Alleged in Ogden on Saturday night which is one of my favorite bars in Ogden. It is a three-level bar with a different sort of vibe on each level. My favorite is the roof-top, and on this particular night they had a sweet little duo performing, Megan Burtt and the Cure for Love. They are such a delight! I’ll share Megan Burtt’s YouTube also ( So much sharing is being done here!

alleged door


Alleged rooftop


alleged music

The last day we went to Publik coffee in SLC, and it is basically the “cool kid” of coffee shops. Just go there and you will know what I am talking about. The shop was really minimal, and the coffee was fantastic.  They also had an only toast menu which is really reminiscent of a coffee shop I went to in San Fran last year. I got some great photos of the place (too many to put in this post!). I plan on sharing more on my Facebook page, so keep checking there for more stuff, and give er a like if you are so inclined ( YES! More links!


Publik building


Publik coffee


Publik toast

So, that was my weekend! I encourage you to go check out the yoga festival in SLC. The Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City happens twice a year ( So, get your buns to the fall session. You will be the most relaxed you have ever been. It will be like soaking in a hottub for a week, without the wrinkly, soggy skin. While you’re there be cool and go to Publik coffee. They serve their coffee in mason jars, people. It’s hip!