So, I have got to admit that I am a little partial to this shop.

Not only because the amazing coffee, cookies and sandwiches.
Or the fantastic staff and atmosphere.

BUT I used to work here. So, I know hands down how much effort is put into all of these things.

Enough of that— I am going to tell you about some of my favorite options at the Villa and why they are so awesome.

Chalkboard menu


If you are looking for a delicious latte here are two of my recommendations:

Truffle Shuffle– It is a raspberry and white chocolate little piece of heaven. This is amazing both as an iced coffee or hot one!


A Little Taste of Villa–  A brown sugar cinnamon and vanilla latte that tastes kinda like a Snickerdoodle cookie. Yep. Get it. If you want it to taste even more like a cookie have them add a little bit of shortbread syrup. There ya go.

If you aren’t a big latte fan (who are you? and why?) there is also just some fantastic drip coffee available. Steve and Harry’s, local roasters out of Idaho Falls, make a special blend just for the Villa that has a rich, smooth flavor.


The desserts at the Villa are made in house and are nothing short of amazing. I swear it was so hard being around fresh cookies all the time. It is waaaaay difficult for me to pick favorites when it comes to baked goodness, but for you I will try!

Chai cookies: The chai cookies are like a Snickerdoodle, ( I might have a thing for Snickerdoodles) but better. They have a certain spicy yumminess that you get in a Chai tea. They go awesome with a coffee. YUM.

cookie coffee


The Villa has some great options for sandwiches and homemade soups. My favorites…? Anything on a croissant! I can’t resist the flaky goodness.


The Villa Coffeehouse is sure to have something that you will love. The people there are especially great and provide something special that you can’t get everywhere.

There are two locations one on Park in downtown Idaho Falls and another location off of Hitt road in Ammon.