It’s that time of year again! Time for planning and resolutions. I LOVE it. Nothing better than that new planner smell!

To kick off the year Live a Little Local is going to feature a resolution series. All the posts will be geared towards how to keep your resolutions with help from local businesses.

This first post is about how to support your Be Healthier goal.

We all know how this goal works. Every year we decide to be healthier. We go to the gym and eat salad every day for 2 weeks. Then we are over it.

Included are some ways to support your resolution in less stressful ways.


Idaho Falls:

Idaho Yoga Co-op

The Idaho Yoga Co-op has been a huge benefit to me. It helps me get my MIND and my body right! One of my favorite classes there is the Restorative yoga class. It is usually offered on Friday and Sunday nights which is perfect. It helps me end and start my week on a good foot. The class is very relaxing I often feel like I have had a nap after, and the atmosphere is wonderful!  Low lighting and essential oils, ya’ll. The co-op is a must to get feeling great this coming year. Check their Facebook for New Year deals!


The Persnickety Lemon

This is a fantastic place to come grab some healthy grub. Everything is delicious and flavorful, and it is a co-op so you can support local people by shopping here. The service is quick and friendly with some delicious options in their grab and go. That’s right you can get healthy food fast!


The Edge Climbing Gym

Rock climbing is as fun way to get your heart pumping! This is an activity that you can do with the whole family.  A little extra support for you. The gym has all skill levels, so no need to worry if you’re a neophyte. No gear? You can rent it from the gym. Reasonably priced, this gym is a great way to go for someone who doesn’t like the traditional workout. But, if you are feeling extra motivated, they also have exercise equipment and yoga classes.


Red Clover Herbs & Market

Red Clover Herbs & Market is located in Idaho Falls, and owned by Tim and Liesl Vosika. Tim greeted me when I went inside and showed me around, introducing me to his products. Not only do they sell herbs and locally made products, they make their own tea blends of different sorts for health problems. Their signature product is a tea Liesl hand-blends called Red Clover Blend. Made with red clover (in case you couldn’t guess), red raspberry leaf, nettle, chamomile, wintergreen, and spearmint, it contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy body. Stir in some of Cox’s Honey (conveniently sold in-store) to slightly sweeten it and you’ve got a delicious herbal tea that is good for you!



Shelley’s Fresh Produce & Cut Flowers

Shelley’s Produce and Flowers is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) opportunity. It is such a wonderful and beautiful thing. Brent and Shelley make CSA easy and fun to do. They will deliver to your door (for a small extra fee) a basket of fresh and varying produce. Last year was my first time doing CSA and I learned what kohlrabi was. Yeah, I had no idea, but it is delicious and you can make a fantastic slaw out of it! Besides the produce you can get homemade jams, syrups, and other yummies. Don’t wait to sign up, because it will fill up quickly!

They also have a Go Fund Me started to help them afford the weed barrier that they need to keep this excellent service going! Please check it out and help as able.


There are so many ways to support local and small businesses and achieve your resolution of getting healthier this year.

Best wishes to you in 2018!

Thank you to my contributors: Alexis Goodwin

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