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Soda Tsunami

I have been watching Soda Tsunami since their sign went up across from the Cabela’s in Ammon. So, of course I jumped at the chance to attend their grand opening last week.

Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 Sailing blissfully away on a sea of sugary delight)

Over-all Tastiness: 5

Atmosphere: 4


TASTE: When I went I got the Volcano which is a delicious flavor explosion, so I totally dig the name. The Volcano is much like an Italian cream soda with Sprite, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, and my favorite SPRINKLES! The cream mixes in with the drink, and it is all around delicious. My boyfriend got the Coconut Wave which was also delish ( Cola, coconut, and lime). We didn’t get any of the cookies, bagels, or personal pizzas but I have no doubt that they are amazing as well!

ATMOSPHERE: Soda Tsunami is really neat in the fact that it has a nice sit in area, and also has a drive thru. So, if you want a place to meet up before a movie or game S.T. has got you, and if you want to swing by while on the way to the park good ol S.T. has got you there too.

EXPERIENCE: I had a great time going to Soda Tsunami. I went on the Grand Opening, and they were BUSY! But we were helped promptly and the service was very friendly. I was referred to try the Volcano and I wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait to go back and get my soda fix!

If you haven’t been to Soda Tsunami I encourage you to do so. Try the Volcano!

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The Persnickety Lemon

The Persnickety Lemon (love the name!) opened up here within the last month or so, and needless to say I was excited. It is downtown on Park avenue, so I walk past it everyday on my way to work.

This quaint market focuses on artisan products, and healthy options. I came over to bombard them on their first day of serving lunch with my boyfriend and two guy co-workers.

Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 Why are my socks on the floor? Oh, that’s right. They were knocked right off!)

Over-all Tastiness: 5

Atmosphere: 5


TASTE: The sweet shop owners (Jennifer and Jed) were serving a Cowboy quinoa wrap. It was a multi-grain flatbread with a tex-mex quinoa salad which was spicy and filling. When she told us this was the option for the day I started getting ready to walk out. I thought there was no way that all these guys would eat a quinoa wrap! She gave us all a taste test, and they went ahead an ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised. This is certainly a testament to how delicious it is. Since then I have been back, and had more delicious experiences!

Everything tastes fresh, and doesn’t leave you filling gross. There is a lot of attention to detail that I appreciate. There are Gluten-free, and vegan options which is a really lovely difference here in the city of meat n taters.

ATMOSPHERE: The downstairs dining area is vintage, comfy, and eclectic. It has a neat sitting area with a sofa and coffee table that is cozy. It really is the perfect place to meet up or host an event! Check their Facebook to find out how to rent their space including the commercial kitchen.

EXPERIENCE: The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful. I’m excited to see that there are new options in downtown Idaho Falls! I hear that they will be starting classes (how to build terrariums and make artisanal cheese and such) and I can’t wait to go.

The Persnickety Lemon is a co-op. They feature locally made breads, sweets, salsas, nut milks, juices, and more. Their menu changes often, so go in to see what yummy items they are serving up!

The Persnickety Lemon

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Kool Beanz Café

Chances are if you are from this neck of the woods you have been to a Java Espress before, and hopefully you have been into Kool Beanz Café. If you haven’t I’m gonna take a minute to tell you why you should!

Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 OH MY GAWD, BECKY)

Over-all Tastiness: 5

Atmosphere: 5


TASTE: Kool Beanz offers a lot of different options to start and end your day right. A couple of my favorites are the California Dreamin’ latte (Tiramisu and almond!) and the Spicy Tom bagel sandwich that has turkey, bacon, and house-made jalapeno garlic cream cheese!

ATMOSPHERE: Kool Beanz is exactly that. It is cool. It has an industrial chic look that provides the vibes of a larger city than Idaho Falls. It is in Snake River Landing which makes it the perfect place to stop by on the weekend before you head out on a bike ride or jog, or after to get a glass of wine.

EXPERIENCE: I have had really nice experiences at KB. The baristas are incredibly helpful, and willing to give you suggestions of all their favorite things. The lattes are made with care. The last one I had, had some lovely latte art on it. That ain’t easy! I’ve tried and failed.

I definitely recommend checking out Kool Beanz Café.

Here is their Facebook page. Like to keep up on Wine Tastings and other events!

Kool Beanz Cafe




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DIY Eggnog martini

Hi all! I am going to try something new for this post.

I’m going to share a recipe! One of my favorite things to do is cook at home. The process is sort of meditative for me, and it feels like such a huge accomplishment when you make something that knocks your own socks off.

To start this off I have a cocktail recipe for you!


(One sip will put you in the Christmas spirit!)

Time: 5m 


1 oz vanilla vodka of your choice (try an Idaho local like 44 North or Zodiac)

3/4oz RumChata

2.5 oz eggnog (try an Idaho Local like Reed’s Dairy for us South Eastern Idahoans!)

Optional toppings: whipped cream, cinnamon, nutmeg


  1. Grab your martini shaker
  2. Place all of your ingredients along with some ice in the shaker
  4. Pour that delicious beverage into a glass ( I encourage a standard martini glass, because it looks so classy)
  5. OPTIONAL…I guess: Top it off with some whipped cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg

There it is, and SO EASY! Now make this puppy, put on some nice Christmas tunes, and devour some cookies! It’s that time of year errybody!!


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City Bagels & Bakery

City Bagels is OPEN in Downtown Idaho Falls as of last week, and if you haven’t been you absolutely need to go! I’ve been waiting patiently ever since I saw their sign up across from Ming’s on Shoup, and was so excited to get in there.


Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 AHMEEEEEEZING)

Over-all Tastiness: 5

Atmosphere: 5


TASTE: Let me tell you a little bit about the options at City Bagels… They have fresh-baked bagels. These bagels are out of this world, ok? They are soft, but chewy…*deep sigh* The everything bagel is my favorite so far! They have cookies, cupcakes, muffins, scones, and…wait for it…individual cheesecakes! So good they bring a tear to my eye.


They have an extensive drink menu with Italian sodas, coffee and espresso drinks, and a gourmet hot chocolate list. My favorite is the coconut tres leches hot chocolate. It’s delish.

ATMOSPHERE: City Bagels is so unique! It is an absolutely beautiful restaurant with wood paneling, red velvet, pretty flowers on each table, and a fantastic chandelier. They also have an upstairs eating area that lets you gaze down on it all. It’s wonderfully classy, and well put together!

EXPERIENCE: The staff is really great, nice, and helpful. Right now things are just beginning for them, so be patient as it all gets started.

I can’t scream at you from my laptop, so I will use caps to indicate the level of my enthusiasm. GO TO CITY BAGELS & BAKERY. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

City Bagel’s Facebook page:

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Pick Me Up drinks

Driving around the back of the Edward’s Movie Theater one evening my boyfriend and I spotted this little shack. Pick Me Up! I thought it might be a coffee place, so I knew I had to come back and check it out. Alas, it wasn’t a coffee hut! It was something I have actually never been to before. A specialty soda and cookie joint!

Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 wowza)

Over-all tastiness: 4

Atmosphere: n/a

Experience: 5

My favorite part about Pick Me Up was that it was a unique experience. I have never been to a little soda and cookie shack before! They have a lot of fun flavors to try. I got the Swank (coconut, pineapple, peach!) which I would completely refer, because it is delish!! Added benefit it reminds me of Hillary Swank. Which in turn reminds me of Million Dollar Baby. So sad, but SO GOOD. None of that has anything to do with the beverage… Also, the sugar cookies are the bomb digs. I crave them now all too often.

Another great part was that the staff in there was fantastic! They were fun, sweet, and helpful!

Atmosphere wasn’t really something I could rate here, but being able to walk up grab soda and then go to the park afterwards was fun. This little gem is kind of hidden too. So, go find it! It’s almost like an adventure with the reward being sweet deliciousness at the end.

Pick Me Up’s Facebook page:


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Oh so ZEN: Downtown Yoga Fest in SLC


This post is dedicated to my lovely girls’ weekend in Utah. We went down to the Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City. PREFACE- I am not the yogi type. I am the lazy type that likes to do as much restorative yoga as possible. Which is basically the closest thing I can get to napping and still claiming it is exercise. The yoga festival was awesome though, and I am so glad that my lack of yoga skills didn’t keep me from going. The festival was a three day event, and it included yoga classes, speakers, music, and merchants.


My favorite instructor was Becca Pati. If you are into yoga at all check out her YouTube channel ( She did a really nice vinyasa- type flow for her Unfuck Yourself class on Saturday with a modern playlist and some inspiration from her. It was the first time I’ve done yoga quite like that, and it was badass! We went to her class on Sunday too. Couldn’t get enough! This is the day I also did some the strangest yoga of my life, which will forever bond me with my friends I went with.

We went to Alleged in Ogden on Saturday night which is one of my favorite bars in Ogden. It is a three-level bar with a different sort of vibe on each level. My favorite is the roof-top, and on this particular night they had a sweet little duo performing, Megan Burtt and the Cure for Love. They are such a delight! I’ll share Megan Burtt’s YouTube also ( So much sharing is being done here!

alleged door


Alleged rooftop


alleged music

The last day we went to Publik coffee in SLC, and it is basically the “cool kid” of coffee shops. Just go there and you will know what I am talking about. The shop was really minimal, and the coffee was fantastic.  They also had an only toast menu which is really reminiscent of a coffee shop I went to in San Fran last year. I got some great photos of the place (too many to put in this post!). I plan on sharing more on my Facebook page, so keep checking there for more stuff, and give er a like if you are so inclined ( YES! More links!


Publik building


Publik coffee


Publik toast

So, that was my weekend! I encourage you to go check out the yoga festival in SLC. The Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City happens twice a year ( So, get your buns to the fall session. You will be the most relaxed you have ever been. It will be like soaking in a hottub for a week, without the wrinkly, soggy skin. While you’re there be cool and go to Publik coffee. They serve their coffee in mason jars, people. It’s hip!

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SUPER coffee hang out day in Jackson and Rendevous Fest


Jackson is one of those fantastic places that make me feel like I am on vacation when I am only a couple hours from home. I absolutely love it there and this time specifically I needed that away from home feeling. An unfamiliar place can do wonders for your creative side!

The main purpose of this trip was to go see Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats at  Rendevous Fest in Jackson.  Live music is one of my absolute favorite things.  I have no problem driving to Jackson, Boise, SLC, (last year TN!) to go see and support it. This year I was trolling all the different festival lineups and saw that Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats were on almost every lineup. So, I had to check em out!  Rendevous Fest was the perfect place to do it since they had a few days of concerts lined up (most of them free!) Yes. Practically unheard of!


The concert was outside close to the little park in downtown Jackson. It was a lovely, frigid, but sunny day. When that sun went down though…it was really freezing! I kept comparing it to the Dawes concert in Park City earlier this year though, and next to that it was damn near balmy. There is something really cool though about a bunch of people braving the cold to listen to music they might have never heard before.

When my friends and I arrived at the festival a DJ (part of a duo called Head to Head) out of Jackson was playing. He did a really fantastic job. His mash-ups were great and he definitely got some of the old dudes dancing (well, him and beer got them dancing!).

Following was Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys. This band had so much energy! I don’t know how long their set was (LONG!), but they absolutely powered through. Big Sandy has an awesome stage persona and that really got people going.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats! They were absolutely wonderful live. They have this old timey Americana/Blues sound, which is on point. Also, they are just fun. I am so excited that music like this is getting some attention.


The next day I spent the majority of my time in a really great coffeeshop: Cowboy Coffee.

This shop has a fantastic atmosphere. I love the rustic wood, and the hanging twinkling lights. Here are some of my favorite photos from my time here. THIS PLACE WAS SO PHOTOGENIC!




I ordered a Huckleberry MudPot, which is a drinkable version of a huckleberry truffle. It was the best thing. I also had a bacon, avocado, and cream cheese sandwich. SO GOOD. If you are in Jackson or going to visit soon absolutely stop by Cowboy Coffee.


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Appetizers and Wine at PV’s Uncorked


PV's Uncorked on Main


I really enjoy PV’s Uncorked on Main. For one, PV’s literally stands for exactly what I am about…PASTA and VINO. If I had a spirit animal or more like a pair of spirit animals they would be pasta and wine. That is how strongly I feel!

I ended up at PV’s the other night as part of a girl’s night adventure, which would be a total waste without a nice glass (or two) of wine. We went to the Vagina Monologue’s in Pocatello at the Elk’s Lodge. The Family Service Alliance puts an event together annually which is always hilarious, raunchy and moving. I love it. If you haven’t gone be sure to check it out next year!

It was a great night and it inspired me to share this location with ya’lls.

Things that I love about PV’s:


The atmosphere is something that is immediately noticeable at PV’s. When you walk in the décor is just lovely!

PVs settingElegant Setting at PVS


Food presentation is one of my favorite things about food blogging. Part of this blog experience has helped me to realize the effort that goes into plating. This antipasto looked so fantastic. Not to mention it tasted good too! I have also tried pizza and pasta at PV’s and have not been disappointed!

PVs close antipasto


I love my self some wine. Red, whites…I ain’t picky. I like em all! The last time I was at PV’s I had a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. If you like to try different wines check out one of the wine tastings that PV’s hosts monthly.

PVs Wine Rack

PV’s Uncorked on Main holds monthly wine tastings and other events.

PV's Uncorked on Main

My favorite picture from my PV’s adventure!

PVs antipasto

Thanks for reading, and happy eating!! 🙂

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