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This post in the Live a Little Local resolution series is to READ MORE! 

This is a resolution that I can get behind. I have always been an avid reader and prone to enter any bookstore I see.

This list below will help you support your year of bibliophilia! Hoorah!

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Public Library

If you have a long list of books to read and don’t want the financial/clutter commitments, a library card is for you, my friend. I love the Idaho Falls Public Library. They have a great selection, and it is so easy to go in and check out books yourself. They have a lot of nice places to hang out and read too. No coffee shop yet, but hey The Villa Coffeehouse is within walking distance!

457 W Broadway St. Idaho Falls, ID


Eastern Idaho Book Swap

This is a fantastic outlet to buy and trade books with people in East Idaho. I have made some excellent trades already! You should definitely join. I need more people to trade with… 🙂



Walrus & Carpenter Books

In my opinion there aren’t enough local bookstores around these days! So, I am absolutely enthralled with Walrus and Carpenter. This bookstore is crammed with used books at really great prices. They also have new and popular books at the front of the store. I would have a hard time believing that you can’t find something you need. Perfect for the book-lover on your list!

251 N Main St. Pocatello, ID



Trip Taylor Bookseller

Trip Taylor Bookseller is a bookshop straight out of your favorite indie movie. With two stories of used books assembled in a bit of a maze, it is certainly possible to “get lost in a good book”…store. The upper level of the shop includes a rather cozy couch to browse your stacks of possible purchases. My favorite part of Trip Taylor? The long row filled with leather bound classics, which are great for reading as well as setting on your coffee table for company to admire.

210 N 10th St. Boise, ID


Trip Taylor Bookseller


Rediscovered Books

8th Street in Boise is filled with a lot of great resturaunts, a wonderful yoga studio, and a few cute clothing boutiques. It also has a fantastic bookstore! Rediscovered books has a wide selection of new and used books, and many books from local authors, whom you can read about on their website. They also offer ongoing book clubs for kids and adults, and frequently host book readings/signings with some incredible authors. Also, the staff is top notch at helping find just the right book to suit your interest!

180 N 8th St. Boise, ID



Booked on 25th

This is probs my fave bookstore, and that makes me sad, because I rarely am able to go there! It boasts as being Ogden’s Uncensored Bookstore which appeals to me on so many levels. The shop features interesting reads and has a great selection of both used and new books. They also hold events and book clubs. Once a month they hold a social justice book club that sounds amazing!

147 25th St. Ogden, UT


Join a Book Club!

Being part of a community is a fantastic way of holding yourself accountable in reaching goals! Book Clubs also offer the opportunity to reflect in-depth on the books you read and hear different perspectives. You can start your own through your local library’s Book Club Kit or join one that is already happening! A few of us in the Live a Little Local community are part of a Book Club crew that meets once a month  at A Different Cup (amazing coffee) in Pocatello (typically 10:30am on a Saturday)! It is a new group, and we have read Secret Life of Bees and Sold. We are currently reading Kite Runner and have The House on Mango Street and All the Light we Cannot See in line next.


Supporting your 2018 reading goals and supporting local is easy and AWESOME!

Thank you to my fellow writers and Live a Little Local team: Sharece Mecham and Jordan Wixom

Do you live a little local?

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It’s that time of year again! Time for planning and resolutions. I LOVE it. Nothing better than that new planner smell!

To kick off the year Live a Little Local is going to feature a resolution series. All the posts will be geared towards how to keep your resolutions with help from local businesses.

This first post is about how to support your Be Healthier goal.

We all know how this goal works. Every year we decide to be healthier. We go to the gym and eat salad every day for 2 weeks. Then we are over it.

Included are some ways to support your resolution in less stressful ways.


Idaho Falls:

Idaho Yoga Co-op

The Idaho Yoga Co-op has been a huge benefit to me. It helps me get my MIND and my body right! One of my favorite classes there is the Restorative yoga class. It is usually offered on Friday and Sunday nights which is perfect. It helps me end and start my week on a good foot. The class is very relaxing I often feel like I have had a nap after, and the atmosphere is wonderful!  Low lighting and essential oils, ya’ll. The co-op is a must to get feeling great this coming year. Check their Facebook for New Year deals!


The Persnickety Lemon

This is a fantastic place to come grab some healthy grub. Everything is delicious and flavorful, and it is a co-op so you can support local people by shopping here. The service is quick and friendly with some delicious options in their grab and go. That’s right you can get healthy food fast!


The Edge Climbing Gym

Rock climbing is as fun way to get your heart pumping! This is an activity that you can do with the whole family.  A little extra support for you. The gym has all skill levels, so no need to worry if you’re a neophyte. No gear? You can rent it from the gym. Reasonably priced, this gym is a great way to go for someone who doesn’t like the traditional workout. But, if you are feeling extra motivated, they also have exercise equipment and yoga classes.


Red Clover Herbs & Market

Red Clover Herbs & Market is located in Idaho Falls, and owned by Tim and Liesl Vosika. Tim greeted me when I went inside and showed me around, introducing me to his products. Not only do they sell herbs and locally made products, they make their own tea blends of different sorts for health problems. Their signature product is a tea Liesl hand-blends called Red Clover Blend. Made with red clover (in case you couldn’t guess), red raspberry leaf, nettle, chamomile, wintergreen, and spearmint, it contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy body. Stir in some of Cox’s Honey (conveniently sold in-store) to slightly sweeten it and you’ve got a delicious herbal tea that is good for you!



Shelley’s Fresh Produce & Cut Flowers

Shelley’s Produce and Flowers is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) opportunity. It is such a wonderful and beautiful thing. Brent and Shelley make CSA easy and fun to do. They will deliver to your door (for a small extra fee) a basket of fresh and varying produce. Last year was my first time doing CSA and I learned what kohlrabi was. Yeah, I had no idea, but it is delicious and you can make a fantastic slaw out of it! Besides the produce you can get homemade jams, syrups, and other yummies. Don’t wait to sign up, because it will fill up quickly!

They also have a Go Fund Me started to help them afford the weed barrier that they need to keep this excellent service going! Please check it out and help as able.


There are so many ways to support local and small businesses and achieve your resolution of getting healthier this year.

Best wishes to you in 2018!

Thank you to my contributors: Alexis Goodwin

Do you live a little local?

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Hi everyone!

Shop Small Saturday passed and it left me thinking… Where do I go to shop small during the holidays? It is very easy to get caught up in the corporate frenzy of the holiday season. I don’t even want to count the number of emails I received on Black Friday for cyber deals! Therefore, I wanted to work on compiling a list of some of my faves to share.

Idaho Falls:

Love at First Bite:

I have been here countless times for gifts. They are especially great if you are looking for some tasty treats(cupcakes, candies, you name it!). They also have specialty cooking items, lotions, decor, and more!

Bear and Blue:

This place is so unique and I am absolutely in love. They have handcrafted wood items (like coasters, wine tags, decor). They also have artisan food items and other local fares. To top it off they have a bar called The Hollow. If you get pooped from shopping recoup with a drink. Please don’t miss their Whistle Stops! They have tastings and pairings for local companies. The next is a Cider Tasting (12/14) and it features great local music.

WeeBee Toys:

This shop is so much fun, and an incredible option for shopping small for little ones (and for big ones that like toys!).


Olivin Olive Oil & Vinegar Taproom

This shop features fresh olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar from around the world, but is bottled in store. Samples of mild to robust olive oil can be paired with fresh bread, as well as, a variety of balsamic. You can try a basic balsamic or one of the many infused balsamics. They include lavender, champagne, and a personal favorite the cranberry pear white balsamic. The olive oil also has infusion options, such as rosemary, basil, and lemon. There are over 30 different options, and you can find them downtown on 9th Street!


Walrus & Carpenter Books

In my opinion there aren’t enough local bookstores around these days! So, I am absolutely enthralled with Walrus and Carpenter. This bookstore is crammed with used books at really great prices. They also have new and popular books at the front of the store. I would have a hard time believing that you can’t find something you need. Perfect for the book-lover on your list!

A Different Cup

Owned by an adorable family from California, A Different Cup is HANDS-DOWN the BEST coffee you will find in east Idaho. I cannot say enough about how great it is…you need to try it for yourself. In addition to their amazingly fresh hot and Nitro coffees, they have bottled Cold Brew and house-made Kombucha prepared and ready to gift your family and friends.

Pocatello Co-op

If you are looking for gifts that are more conscious this co-op is perfect for you! They specialize in sustainable, organic, fair-trade, and eco-friendly products and carry locally crafted items. Find local cheese, fresh breads, and wines. A perfect combo to bring to your holiday parties.


Collecting Americana

If you are looking for truly one-of-a-kind gifts, this is your stop. A business new to the area in 2017, Collecting Americana offers a great variety if vintage, 70’s contemporary, mid-century, political, collectibles, and souvenirs. They currently have a WHITE ELEPHANT room where you can find gifts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Support local and make a statement with your gifts by shopping here.

I hope you have some favorite places to shop small. It is so important!

Thanks to my contributors Sharece Mecham and Jordan Wixom.

Do you live a little local?

If you do and are interested in decals ($4) or t-shirts ($25). Please email to to order. Coming soon, beanies and an online store!

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The Persnickety Lemon (love the name!) opened up here within the last month or so, and needless to say I was excited. It is downtown on Park avenue, so I walk past it everyday on my way to work.

This quaint market focuses on artisan products, and healthy options. I came over to bombard them on their first day of serving lunch with my boyfriend and two guy co-workers.

Rating: (on a 0-5 scale, 0 not so great-5 Why are my socks on the floor? Oh, that’s right. They were knocked right off!)

Over-all Tastiness: 5

Atmosphere: 5


TASTE: The sweet shop owners (Jennifer and Jed) were serving a Cowboy quinoa wrap. It was a multi-grain flatbread with a tex-mex quinoa salad which was spicy and filling. When she told us this was the option for the day I started getting ready to walk out. I thought there was no way that all these guys would eat a quinoa wrap! She gave us all a taste test, and they went ahead an ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised. This is certainly a testament to how delicious it is. Since then I have been back, and had more delicious experiences!

Everything tastes fresh, and doesn’t leave you filling gross. There is a lot of attention to detail that I appreciate. There are Gluten-free, and vegan options which is a really lovely difference here in the city of meat n taters.

ATMOSPHERE: The downstairs dining area is vintage, comfy, and eclectic. It has a neat sitting area with a sofa and coffee table that is cozy. It really is the perfect place to meet up or host an event! Check their Facebook to find out how to rent their space including the commercial kitchen.

EXPERIENCE: The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful. I’m excited to see that there are new options in downtown Idaho Falls! I hear that they will be starting classes (how to build terrariums and make artisanal cheese and such) and I can’t wait to go.

The Persnickety Lemon is a co-op. They feature locally made breads, sweets, salsas, nut milks, juices, and more. Their menu changes often, so go in to see what yummy items they are serving up!

The Persnickety Lemon

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This post is dedicated to my lovely girls’ weekend in Utah. We went down to the Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City. PREFACE- I am not the yogi type. I am the lazy type that likes to do as much restorative yoga as possible. Which is basically the closest thing I can get to napping and still claiming it is exercise. The yoga festival was awesome though, and I am so glad that my lack of yoga skills didn’t keep me from going. The festival was a three day event, and it included yoga classes, speakers, music, and merchants.


My favorite instructor was Becca Pati. If you are into yoga at all check out her YouTube channel ( She did a really nice vinyasa- type flow for her Unfuck Yourself class on Saturday with a modern playlist and some inspiration from her. It was the first time I’ve done yoga quite like that, and it was badass! We went to her class on Sunday too. Couldn’t get enough! This is the day I also did some the strangest yoga of my life, which will forever bond me with my friends I went with.

We went to Alleged in Ogden on Saturday night which is one of my favorite bars in Ogden. It is a three-level bar with a different sort of vibe on each level. My favorite is the roof-top, and on this particular night they had a sweet little duo performing, Megan Burtt and the Cure for Love. They are such a delight! I’ll share Megan Burtt’s YouTube also ( So much sharing is being done here!

alleged door


Alleged rooftop


alleged music

The last day we went to Publik coffee in SLC, and it is basically the “cool kid” of coffee shops. Just go there and you will know what I am talking about. The shop was really minimal, and the coffee was fantastic.  They also had an only toast menu which is really reminiscent of a coffee shop I went to in San Fran last year. I got some great photos of the place (too many to put in this post!). I plan on sharing more on my Facebook page, so keep checking there for more stuff, and give er a like if you are so inclined ( YES! More links!


Publik building


Publik coffee


Publik toast

So, that was my weekend! I encourage you to go check out the yoga festival in SLC. The Downtown Yoga Festival in Salt Lake City happens twice a year ( So, get your buns to the fall session. You will be the most relaxed you have ever been. It will be like soaking in a hottub for a week, without the wrinkly, soggy skin. While you’re there be cool and go to Publik coffee. They serve their coffee in mason jars, people. It’s hip!

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welcome to IF

I like to consider myself a lady that enjoys expressing herself creatively. I like to think that maybe my readers out there do too. Sometimes it can feel like Idaho Falls is a difficult place to fulfill that creative itch!

Well, just wait one dern second.  Because I am going to give you a list of some of the things I have been involved in (all of which are awesome).

Prefacing! This isn’t a comprehensive list. These are some things that I have tried and enjoy.

Play that FUNKY music

Do you want to start or continue learning guitar?

Get a hold of Craig Green at Chesbro. Just do it! He is fantastic. He is an amazing teacher and person, who you can learn a ton from. I have been taking lessons for a few months now, and I absolutely love it. My guitar playing has come a loooong way.

Chesbro Music Company

327 W Broadway St. Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 522-8691

Do you need a place to play music in a group setting?

BlackRock Open Mic nights on Thursday 7pm

This is an incredible way to show off your talent or see some of the awesome performers that are in our area! I always have a wonderful time when I go.

439 A St. Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 524-8466

Celtic Jam Sesh at Idaho Brewing Company 7pm

I have attended this event only once so far, but have every intention of going back. The atmosphere at IBC is great for spending a night having a beer or glass of wine and playing music with some amazing people.

775 S Capital Ave. Idaho Falls, ID

Phone: (208) 534-7232

Shake dat

Salsa lessons at Elevation Floating Fitness Studio 7:15-8:30pm

These classes are taught by an absolutely marvelous instructor Suzanne Nicholas. I highly recommend them! They are perfect for beginning Salsa and a great way to spend the evening with someone you want to shake your hips with. The classes are $5 per session and needs to be in cash.

537 W. 20th St. Idaho Falls, ID

Phone: (208) 221-2685

Idaho Falls Zumba w/ Ashley

I am being completely honest when I say that Ashley Curry’s Zumba class is the best Zumba I have ever taken. I have tried it several different places and nothing measures up.  Ashley’s routines are similar to if you were out dancing with your friends, so they don’t feel all weird and goofy. The music is great. The people are enthusiastic and glad to be there. I feel confident in saying that the best part is that Ashley is a genuinely fun, awesome and caring person. She is holding a free event Monday 2/29 that I encourage you to check out! This event may sell out due to too many booties on the dance floor. Contact Ashley with the info below:

2873 E 14 N Idaho Falls, ID

Phone: (208) 206- 2193

The Dance Collaborative

The Dance Collaborative is made up of a lovely group of people that keep the art of dance alive here in the charming city of Idaho Falls. They offer community classes, which I don’t believe they are doing now, but keep an eye out. I have taken a few of these and the women that teach there are passionate, talented and beautiful. I would go watch and support them as often as you can! A recital is coming up April 9th called Once Upon a Twist that features innovative routines with a central fairytale theme. It should be wonderful. You can get your tickets at, and contact TDC with the info below:

Phone: (208) 313-4159

TDC website

Write Away

Writing courses by Clark Chamberlin at EITC

I just finished Clark’s Writing Short Stories for Publication and Profit. It was such a well done class! The lessons were really practical and helpful. Clark is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. I am very excited that quality advice about writing is accessible in Idaho Falls. If you want to get in on these courses From Idea to Published Novel just started last week. After, it Publish your Work Today: The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing begins on 3/21. The courses cost $50, which is more than worth it. Enroll on

Writers groups

Having a group to meet up with to discuss characters, exchange work with, or to just chat about life is a great asset! Below are a couple of the writing groups I am aware of:

Idaho Falls NaNo

These guys meet up once a month until around November when they meet multiple times a week to encourage each other through the National Novel writing challenge.

Idaho Falls NaNo Facebook page

That is a closed group so you will have to ask for permission to join, and you should. It’s a lot of fun and the people are splendid!

Wednesday Night Writers

Another writing group you can get involved in. I haven’t attended any meetings yet, but want to!

Wednesday Night Writers Facebook page

This is also a closed group, so you will need to request permission to have access to the awesomeness that is writing buddies.

This is really just skimming the top of the amazing creative things you can do in Idaho Falls. But they are my faves!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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